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Optimized combustion through the entire burn cycle.

By installing a wood gasifier in conjunction with a thermal storage tank, we can further increase the efficiency and overall ease of operation of the system. At times of low heat demand by the structure, heat is diverted to a heat storage tank. This tank is full of H2O. This allows the boiler to operate in a high fire state at peak efficiency through the entire burn cycle. When the fire has burned out, this heat can then be delivered to the various heat loads as needed. When the thermal storage tank is subsequently depleted of useable heat, the boiler is refired.

With thermal storage we can deliver the proper amount of heat to the house loads as they change with varying seasonal heating requirements. The boiler will run equally as efficient in the dead of winter as in spring or fall. The boiler can even be fired in the summer time periodically, to produce domestic hot water for showers, laundry, etc.
950 gallon cylindrical tank
820 gallon square tank
Correct sizing of the storage tank will depend on the system size and how the system will being used, etc. Typically we use a tank with capacities ranging from 500 to 1500 gallons. Pictured above are two types of atmospheric tanks. Both of these tanks are pre-insulated and can be moved through a normall doorway before set-up.

Within an atmospheric storage tank we install copper heat exchange coils to deliver heat into the tank water. These same coils can be used to draft heat from the storage tank, for delivery to the various heat loads in the building.
Depending on system requirements, etc. a pressurized storage system can also be employed. With this type of system, boiler water is circulated directly into a storage tank. As part of the closed(pressurized) system, the tank is also under pressure. This type of system can offer advantages with some systems.
The Benifits of Wood Burning W/Thermal Storage
  • Optimized Combustion by allowing the boiler to run "wide open". The heat storage acts as a buffer between the boiler output and the house's heat demand. Heat is supplied by the boiler when there is a demand by the house. When demand falls then heat is diverted to the storage tank. When wood has burned out, heat is supplied from the storage.
  • Better Gasification Through the Entire Burn. By allowing the boiler to run at full output, we eliminate times of low fire or "idling". While times of "idling" can be inevitable in some circumstances, their reduction is favorable. The creation of tar and smoke emmissions are substantially reduced when optimal gasification is achieved and sustained.
  • Matching Heat Requirements. By coupling an efficient wood boiler with thermal storage we can deliver the proper amount of heat to the house loads as they change with varying seasonal heating requirements. Maximal efficiency can be reached regardless of outside temperature conditions. The boiler will burn equally as efficiently in the dead of winter as in the spring or fall. The boiler can even be fired in the summer time for Domestic Hot Water production.
  • Maintenance can be performed on the boiler without loss of heating system capability. The Boiler can be cleaned, serviced, or repaired while the thermal storage carries the heating loads.
  • Flexibility as to when the boiler needs to be fired/stoked. When the boiler has burned out, the thermal storage can take over the job of providing heat to the system loads. This provides the operator a larger window of time for refiring.
  • Greater Boiler Longevity as a result of reduced emmissions, greater efficiency, and lower tar fomation. Temperature swings within the boiler are also reduced by maintaining more constant return temps.
  • Eliminates Temperature swings (in the heated structure) usually associated with traditional wood heat. As the heat capacity of a heating system is raised by adding thermal storage, we extend the time it takes for the system to cool.

Performance and Ease With Thermal Storage!


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