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Advanced Wood Heating Solutions from WR.

Ecologically-Friendly, Safe, Renewable, Wood Heat!

WRBoilers provides Sales, Service, System Design, and Installation of High Efficiency Wood Gasification Boilers.  Advanced Wood Heating Systems with cordwood or pellets.

Appropriate Technology

Wood/Biomass is locally abundant across the Northeast. With good stewardship of this resource, we can transition to a more sustainable energy future.

A modern wood boiler, utilizing wood gasification and thermal storage will ensure high overall efficiencies and clean exhaust values. Environmentally friendly for Nature and convenient.

ABOUT WR Boilers

Heat your house, supply all your Domestic Hot Water, Stay Warm and Comfortable with a wood gasification boiler. Connect to a convential oil/gas boiler for the ultimate wood heating system with oil/gas back-up. Please contact us for more information

Schedule a Site Visit - I will come out to your location, go over the technology and discuss options. I can then provide an Estimate for an installed system package.


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