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About Watson Research

Welcome to the Future of Wood Heat!  Est. 2004

WR Provides complete design and expert installation of high efficiency wood fired/solar heating systems. Supporting all major brands.

  • Sales of Wood Gasification Boilers, Heat Storage Systems and Components.
  • Delivery to your location.
  • Expert Installation and Service for all major brands.
  • Experienced and Knowlegeable, Licensed VT. Hydronic Heating Specialist.
  • Ongoing Support after the sale or installation, to help you and your system get along.


Heating with Wood is part of a historic way of life here in Vermont. After years of research and development, mostly in European countries, this technology has expanded substantially. I look forward to helping you transition away from fossil fuels. If you like heating with wood, a wood gasification boiler will impress you. Energy Independence. Appropriate technology for the Northeast. Please feel free to call me, I would enjoy answering your questions and telling you more.


Peter M.C. Watson - WR President, Field Installations Since 2004

Fully Insured and Licensed VT Hydronic Heating Specialist

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