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A Transition to Sustainable Energy Production!

In their growth, trees store solar energy, which we can use to heat our homes. The sun gives us this energy day after day. The sun's energy is naturally stored by our beautiful forests. With good stewardship, our forests can provide us with renewable energy.

When we burn fossil fuels we are releasing CO2 that was trapped many thousands of years ago over a long period of time in a very different climate. This causes an imbalance in CO2 levels.

When we burn wood, it releases carbon dioxide, the same amount as would be released by natural decomposition in the forest. The CO2 gas is taken back in the next growing cycle.

Clean wood heating systems are carbon neutral for the environment and don't contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming. A modern efficient wood heating system, utilizing gasification technology maintains very clean exhaust values. Nearly pure steam and carbon dioxide are emitted, the same gases that we humans exhale.

Close To Nature, A Way Away From Fossil Fuels. 

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