WATSON RESEARCH ADVANCED WOOD HEATING SYSTEMS 26% Federal Tax Credit for eligible systems and other VT incentives.
WATSON RESEARCHADVANCED WOOD HEATING SYSTEMS 26% Federal Tax Credit for eligible systems and other VT incentives.  
About Watson Research

Welcome to the Future of Wood Heat!  Since 2004

Wr Provides complete design and expert installation of high efficiency wood fired/solar heating systems. Supporting all major brands.
  • Sales of Wood Gasification Boilers, Heat Storage Systems and Components.
  • Delivery to your location.
  • Expert Installation and Service for all major brands.
  • Experienced and Knowlegeable, Licensed VT. Hydronic Heating Specialist.
  • Ongoing Support after the sale or installation, to help you and your system get along.

Heating with Wood is part of a historic way of life here in Vermont. After years of research and development, mostly in European countries, this technology has expanded substantially. I look forward to helping you transition away from fossil fuels. If you like heating with wood, a wood gasification boiler will impress you. Energy Independence. Appropiate technology for the Northeast. Please feel free to call me, I would enjoy answering your questions and telling you more.


Peter M.C. Watson- WR President, Field Installations since 2004

Fully Insured and Licensed VT Hydronic Heating Specialist

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